Dark Tales covers the many stories that stoke people’s morbid fascination with the mysterious and the macabre, covering the paranormal, folklore and cryptozoology through to disappearances, murders and dark history. I originally studied as a historian, and that appreciation of both history and accurate, methodical research remains throughout.

Much of my writing focuses on the rich folklore and history of my home county of Lancashire, England, where growing up instilled in me a lifelong fascination with stories of dark events and beings both real and imagined. Many of the pieces I write cover true life events, while others explore the realms of folklore and the supernatural. It is worth noting that despite finding an enduring allure in stories of spirits and cryptids, I remain a committed cynic. Throughout my research, I have yet to find any case of the supernatural, cryptozoology or folklore that I find compelling enough to be believable. However, I remain quietly hopeful that one day I find the story that changes that view, and in the meantime endeavour to cover each of them in a manner that is fair and objective.

Away from the blog I work as a professional copywriter, public relations consultant and journalist, with Dark Tales providing me a cathartic outlet to allow me to research, write and publish stories that I find genuinely fascinating, as well as to hopefully share them with others. 

Got a particular story you want to find out more on or think would make a good blog entry? Drop me a message at darktalesblog@gmail.com and let me research it for you. I include a shout-out with links to social media for anyone that suggests a piece I later write up and publish.

Any bloggers, podcasters or other researchers dealing with the paranormal, folklore, history, crime or cryptozoology interested in writing a featured blog or otherwise collaborating, just let me know, I’m always interested.