The Montauk Monster

In 2008, a strange creature was discovered washed up on a New York beach

The Bunyip

Appearing frequently in Aboriginal Australian folklore, bunyips are generally described as dangerous, water-dwelling carnivores that prey on the unwary

The Roc

Enormous eagles from Persian and Arabic folklore, Rocs were said to be big enough to snatch up horses and even elephants

The Fouke Monster

In 1971, an Arkansas family encountered a large creature attempting to enter their home. Sightings of the Fouke Monster have continued to the present day

The Mothman

A strange, winged humanoid seen multiple times in West Virginia, the ‘mothman’ was blamed by some for causing a deadly bridge collapse

The Hodag

Amongst the strangest of the ‘fearsome critters’ of frontier folklore, a Wisconsin businessman claimed to have captured a live Hodag in 1896


The idea of gnomes began with a type of earth elemental that appeared in 16th century alchemical theory, but modern sightings and even video footage have also emerged

Black-Eyed Children

Described as resembling children but with coal-black eyes, these beings are described as intent on tricking their way into homes or cars

The Beast of Green Drive

In 2005, multiple witnesses described spotting a strange creature in the leafy suburbs of a Lancashire town

The Hopkinsville Goblins

A family in rural Kentucky reported holding off strange alien creatures, that arrived in a flying saucer, for hours after they attempted to enter their remote farmstead