The Black Dinner

The murder of two young Scottish nobles served as the inspiration for Game of Throne’s ‘Red Wedding’

The Cauld Lad of Hylton

Believed to have been put to death by the Baron Hylton, the ghost of a stable boy is said to haunt a castle in North-East England

The Ratman of Southend

A popular urban legend in the English seaside town of Southend, the ratman is said to be ghostly creature that inhabits a dilapidated underpass.

The Six Labours of Theseus

Traveling the dangerous road to Athens, Theseus fought and overcame six enemies, making his name as a hero in the process

50 Berkeley Square

A look at the history of what is reported to be one of London’s most haunted houses


One of the largest wild crocodiles ever recorded, the animal known as Gustave has hunted the waters of Lake Tanganyika for over 30 years

The Mothman

A strange, winged humanoid seen multiple times in West Virginia, the ‘mothman’ was blamed by some for causing a deadly bridge collapse

The Great Molasses Flood

A ruptured tank resulted in an eight foot wave of molasses crushing buildings and vehicles resulted in the deaths of 21 people