The Battle of Fishguard

How the ordinary women of Fishguard, Wales, foiled the last invasion of mainland Britain

Houska Castle

This strangely constructed castle is said to contain a gateway to hell


Meaning to reduce by a tenth, decimation was a punishment where 10 men drew lots, with the loser beaten to death by the winners

The Iron Maiden

Supposedly a medieval torture device, the history of the notorious iron maiden is not what most think

Letters of Last Resort

Written in secret by the Prime Minister, the letters of last resort detail the UK’s nuclear response in the event the Government falls

Blackpool’s Ship Graveyard

Blackpool’s golden sands have claimed many ships over the years, from a modern cargo ferry to a former Royal Navy flagship

The Sacred Band of Thebes

The elite of the Theban army that repeatedly demonstrated their superiority to the famous Spartans, the Sacred Band was made up of 150 gay couples

The Devil’s Footprints

What was responsible for strange, cloven footprints in snow that appeared overnight over many miles?

The execution of Jean Calas

Two years after his brutal torture and execution for the murder of his son, a French merchant was found to be innocent