The Panar Man-Eater

This man-eating leopard was responsible for 400 deaths

The Gombe Chimpanzee War

Renowned naturalist Jane Goodall recorded a murderously violent conflict between two communities of chimpanzees

Travis the Chimpanzee

In 2009, a previously tame and friendly chimpanzee was responsible for one of the most graphic animal attacks on record

The Malawi Terror Beast

Officials believe that the animal responsible for at last 3 deaths and 16 maimings was a hyena. Many witnesses, however, disagree

The Death of Diane Whipple

The killing of a talented lacrosse coach redefined what it meant to own a dangerous dog in the United States, and the interpretation of ‘implied malice murder’

Fatal Mountain Goat Attack

In 2008, an aggressive mountain goat was responsible for the first fatal animal attack in the Olympic National Park

2003 Fatal Leopard Seal Attack

While the first fatal attack was recorded in 2003, leopard seals have shown to be willing to actively hunt humans for over a century