The Southport and St Anne’s Lifeboat Disaster

The worst disaster in the history of the RNLI, 27 lifeboatmen were lost attempting to save the crew of a foundering ship

The Disappearance of Rudolf Diesel

When the German inventor of a revolutionary combustion engine went missing, many believed he had been murdered to prevent his invention falling into British hands

The 2002 Moscow Theatre Crisis

After Chechen separatists took the audience and cast of a Moscow theatre production hostage, Russian authorities used a tranquilizer gas to retake the theatre, with disastrous consequences

The Kappa

Strange, aquatic yokai of Japanese folklore, kappa have long been blamed for the drowning of people and horses

The Belay

How one climber saved the lives of the entire 1953 US Karakoram Expedition on K2

Jenny Greenteeth

One of Lancashire’s many malicious creatures of folklore, Jenny Greenteeth lurks in duckweed-choked ponds waiting to drown the unwary