Letters of Last Resort

Written in secret by the Prime Minister, the letters of last resort detail the UK’s nuclear response in the event the Government falls

Osama the Killer Elephant

Responsible for the deaths of at least 27 people, this rogue bull elephant’s violence saw him named after the notorious terrorist leader

Jersey Shore Shark Attacks

A string of attacks that resulted in four fatalities provided the grim inspiration for the novel and film ‘Jaws’

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

The restless spirit of a murdered man and those of several popular performers are said to haunt this theatre in London’s Covent Garden

Blackpool’s Ship Graveyard

Blackpool’s golden sands have claimed many ships over the years, from a modern cargo ferry to a former Royal Navy flagship

The Sacred Band of Thebes

The elite of the Theban army that repeatedly demonstrated their superiority to the famous Spartans, the Sacred Band was made up of 150 gay couples


Translated as ‘the slit-mouthed woman’, Kuchisake-onna is a malevolent spirit from Japanese folklore

The Devil’s Footprints

What was responsible for strange, cloven footprints in snow that appeared overnight over many miles?