The Death of Diane Whipple

The killing of a talented lacrosse coach redefined what it meant to own a dangerous dog in the United States, and the interpretation of ‘implied malice murder’

The Death of Omayra Sanchez

The final hours of 13-year-old Omayra Sanchez were captured in this haunting photograph, which was named the World Press Photo of the Year in 1986

Fatal Mountain Goat Attack

In 2008, an aggressive mountain goat was responsible for the first fatal animal attack in the Olympic National Park

The Summerland Disaster

A disastrous fire at the Summerland leisure centre on the Isle of Man killed at least 50 people


Meaning to reduce by a tenth, decimation was a punishment where 10 men drew lots, with the loser beaten to death by the winners

2003 Fatal Leopard Seal Attack

While the first fatal attack was recorded in 2003, leopard seals have shown to be willing to actively hunt humans for over a century

The Iron Maiden

Supposedly a medieval torture device, the history of the notorious iron maiden is not what most think