Houska Castle

This strangely constructed castle is said to contain a gateway to hell

The Nome Serum Run

Also known as the Great Race of Mercy, the Nome serum run was a dog sled relay over nearly 700 … More

The Texas City Disaster

The deadliest industrial accident in US history, the incident now known as the Texas City Disaster killed at least 581 … More

The Demon Core

Responsible for at least two deaths, and arguably up to six, this plutonium bomb core has been nicknamed the ‘demon core’

The Bunyip

Appearing frequently in Aboriginal Australian folklore, bunyips are generally described as dangerous, water-dwelling carnivores that prey on the unwary

The Disappearance of Lars Mittank

After his disappearance in 2014, German tourist Lars Mittank became one of the most famous missing persons cases worldwide after his final known movements were captured on CCTV

Travis the Chimpanzee

In 2009, a previously tame and friendly chimpanzee was responsible for one of the most graphic animal attacks on record

The Malawi Terror Beast

Officials believe that the animal responsible for at last 3 deaths and 16 maimings was a hyena. Many witnesses, however, disagree