The Hindenburg Disaster

In May 1937, the German-manufactured airship LZ-129 Hindenburg, at the time the largest airship by length and volume, caught fire … More

The British Pet Massacre

Panic about food shortages and bombing saw around 750,000 British pets killed at the outbreak of the Second World War

The London Beer Flood

A burst fermenting vat filled with beer resulted in a flood that caused eight deaths in 19th century London

The Witchfinder General

The self-appointed witchfinder general was responsible for the execution of at least 100 accused witches

The Blood Eagle

The gory execution practice known as the blood eagle has divided historians over its authenticity

Elizabeth Bathory

Said to be one of the most prolific serial killers in history, some historians believe Elizabeth Bathory was the victim of a political conspiracy

The Yuba County Five

What caused five young men to abandon their car and flee into deep snow in the middle of the night?